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Adoption Contract

(Please read carefully before signing).

I accept ownership of this cat and agree to the following terms of adoption:

  1. I shall house the cat inside my home as a companion.  I shall not sell, abandon, or give it away.

  2. I shall provide proper housing, food, water, exercise, and kind treatment at all times.

  3. I understand that I am taking full responsibility for the health and well being of this cat, and shall make annual appointments with my veterinarian to have the cat examined and vaccinated on schedule, and provide any and all medical treatment at my own expense.

  4. I will be responsible for licensing this cat in accordance with any county regulations.

  5. I shall not permit the cat to run loose outside.

  6. I will be responsible for ensuring that this cat is boarded safely during any hurricane or similar act of nature.

  7. I shall notify Adopt-A-Cat immediately if the cat is lost or stolen.

  8. I understand that my adoption fee goes toward Adopt-A-Cat's work in caring for shelter cats is not refundable.  However, if this cat turns out to be unsuitable for me, I agree to return it to Adopt-A-Cat and understand that I may be entitled to select another cat within three months of its return.

  9. I agree to relinquish ownership and control of this cat to Adopt-A-Cat if:

         A.  I cannot keep it for any reason;

         B.  Any information provided by me on this contract and the adoption form proves to
              be incomplete or inaccurate or;

         C.  An authorized representative of Adopt-A-Cat examines the cat and/or its living
              conditions and demands its return.

  1. I understand that if I can no longer keep this cat for any reason, I must telephone Adopt-A-Cat to arrange for its re-adoption.  I will never give this pet to a shelter, nor abandon it.  I understand it may take up to (72) hours to make arrangements for returning the cat to Adopt-A-Cat.

  2. I shall not hold Adopt-A-Cat responsible for errors in information about this cat provided by third parties.  I understand that the actions of animals are often unpredictable, that cats should be closely supervised when they are with children, that an animal's behavior may change once it accustoms itself to a new environment, and that Adopt-A-Cat makes no claims or representations as to the health, temperament or mental disposition of this cat.

  3. I understand that cats can be incubating an illness that is not apparent at the time of adoption.  If this cat becomes ill within (48) hours of adoption, call your Adopt-A-Cat adoption representative immediately.  If it appears necessary, Adopt-A-Cat will make arrangements for the cat to be examined by one of our veterinarians.  Adopt-A-Cat cannot be responsible for costs incurred by any other veterinarian.

  4. I understand that the adoption of this cat is a life-long commitment.  With proper care and medical treatment, this cat could live 15 or more years.  I am willing to take on the responsibility of caring for this animal.

I assume all risks of ownership of this cat, including any and all liability for damage or injury caused by or to the cat.

By signing below, I certify that the information I have given is true and accurate, and that I recognize that any misrepresentations of facts may result in my losing the privilege of adopting a cat.  I understand that Adopt-A-Cat has the right to deny my request to adopt a cat, and I authorize investigation of all statements in this contract and the related adoption application.  I understand this application is the property of Adopt-A-Cat.

Adoption Fee: ________________

Method of Payment: Check No. ______________ Cash ______________

Driver's License No. _____________________________ Date of Birth: __________________

Adopter's Signature: _____________________________ Date: ________________________

Adopter's Home Phone No.: _______________________

Adopt-A-Cat Representative: _______________________