A Different Kind of Shelter
By Misty Hughes
As I walk through the doors of the ADOPT A CAT Shelter, I look into all the hopeful, happy faces, and quietly think to myself this is a different kind of shelter!
The Adopt a Cat Foundation, located at 1125 Old Dixie Hwy in Lake Park, is a non-profit organization run strictly by volunteers and headed up by Inga Hanley (561-307-3962).  Check out their web site www.adoptacatfoundation.org or better yet, give them a call and schedule a visit! 
The unique thing about this particular shelter is that it is a free roaming cat shelter for rescued street kitties. They also have cats and kittens available for adoption at Pet Supplies Plus on Northlake Blvd.
This is a true NO KILL shelter … unlike others claiming the same … these folks are serious.  When I asked about the more difficult cases, I was simply told, “they are here for as long as it takes … PERIOD”.  Some of these kitty’s have been here for years!   Some of the vet bills are huge, but never too big for Inga's big heart! 
Like the recent tiny baby kitten pulled from the engine of a car after his leg had been severed.  He is all healed up and ready for adoption!  Got room for a little Tri-Pod at your place?  They also have a little one-eye kitty!  Ok, ok.  There are more stories than this paper has room!  You're just gonna have to go check it out for yourself.
The wonderful thing is that you would never know that they were once ’street kitties’.  As I sat among all the purring, funny, loving fur balls fighting for space in my lap, I thought … these were once feral kitties?  That word conjures up a whole different picture in my mind!  Yours too, I bet!
Some of them may have come in the front door, very afraid … basically wild … but after intensive socialization, proper vet care and time … lots and lots of time … most ‘melt like butter’ with any human contact! 
Now all they need is a FOREVER HOME.  There are always plenty of kittens available, but the adult cats are the ones that catch my eye.  Still playful, but past the ‘curtain climbing’ stage.  Plus, you get to see the true temperament of the cat, no telling with the little guys!  Not that they're not little charmers too!
Have a little extra room in your heart … or in your house?  Maybe you'd just like to foster a Momma cat with kittens?  Have a little extra time on your hands?  They sure NEED help, both at the shelter and with the kitties at Pet Supplies Plus ... please contact Inga #307-3962. 
Thank you, dear friends, on behalf of those without voices.  When you pillow your head tonight, feel good knowing you've made a difference!  Meow, meow!