As a member of your community I have needs that I would like to present to you for your information as well as for your action.

I, by the way, am the one who some, through some sort of misguided veil of ignorance, call 'feral' or 'wild'.  But I am also the one who would willfully (if you let me) jump up in your lap and provide hours of contentment and company should you ever need it.  I am the one who will listen to you and your needs when sometimes no one else will.  I am also the one who knows when you are down and will do all that I can within my powers and abilities to make you smile, make you laugh and maybe even make you weep for joy that at least someone truly cares and 'understands'.
I go by many names but to you I may be considered 'the disposable cat' I only ask that you reconsider that label and think of me instead as 'the one who could make a difference in the life of the lonely, the busy, the sick, the well, the caring, the self centered, the old, the young, the rich, the poor, the 'me' and maybe even the 'you' in this world.'  All I really ask then is for the chance to 'live and let live'.
Respectfully submitted by your neighbor and mine,
"Humane Treatment"