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 The Shelter - A No Kill Sanctuary

The Adopt A Cat Shelter, located in Lake Park, Florida

For twenty-five years, Adopt A Cat Foundation has been rescuing abandoned and abused cats from the streets of Palm Beach County. Our shelter is a true "No-Kill" shelter and cats are allowed to roam free within the shelter. Those that are "unadoptable" are not put down, they are allowed to live in the shelter for as long as necessary. We are often the shelter of last resort.

We do not keep cats in cages except when they first arrive and need to become acclimated to the shelter (or if they are injured and need rest / isolation).

Our facilities are modest, the small shelter and the thrift store. We are 100% volunteer operated and do not receive government support.

Our goal is to help cats - nothing more, nothing less.

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The cats have run of place...we just clean up 

Adopt A Cat Rescue Shelter

1125 Old Dixie Highway

Lake Park, Fl 33403


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Monday:        1:00-5:00

Wednesday:  1:00-5:00

      Saturday:      Noon to 5:00

Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday

by appointment only 

Cats are allowed to roam the shelter

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