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You can make a difference in these cats lives!

Every cat that you see below needs a sponsor. Many have been abused, neglected and/or abandoned. Please click on the photos below to see our "unadoptable" special needs kitties and take a moment to read his/her special story . 

If you cannot have any (more) cats in your home, please consider sponsoring one of our cats that stays with us permanently because of old age, trauma they have endured, medical problems or special care needs. Your support will ensure that they and other cats in our shelter always get all the love and care they need to live a happy and fulfilling life. You could make a difference right now! They have already been let down by others  - please don't turn your back on them, too.


The annual fee to sponsor a cat is $240.00 which may be paid in a single yearly lump sum, in quarterly payments of $60.00 or in monthly payments of $20.00. In return, you will receive a photo of "your" cat, with a brief history, periodic updates and quarterly newsletter.  Also your name will be posted on "your" cat's page below. Print this form and send along with your contribution.




Carlin Cathy Cieago









Mighty Cat














Spay/Neuter Sponsorship:

Spay/Neuter sponsors help us with our on-going spay and neuter programs that are intended to help curb the stray cat population. We trap feral cats who can't be tamed, spay or neuter them so they can't reproduce, and then release them back where we found them as long as someone there is able to feed and care for them. For $50.00 you can sponsor a spaying operation (female cat) or a neutering operation (male cat). To sponsor a spay/neuter, print this form and send along with your contribution.

You may choose to send a check or money order to:

Adopt A Cat Foundation, Inc.
1125 Old Dixie Hwy.
Lake Park, FL 33403

Please make payable to: Adopt A Cat Foundation, Inc.

Be sure print and include the form here along with your donation.

For more information email our founder,
 Inga Hanley